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A Must Hit List of Bend Oregon Restaurants

food from the sparrow bakery in Bend

Hundreds of thousands of people visit Bend Oregon every year for the wonderful outdoor activities that are available year round.  Everyone knows about the incredible mountain bike trails, the amazing skiing on Mt Bachelor, and the hundreds of miles of hiking trails that crisscross this area of the Cascade mountains.

But did you know that Bend is also home to some of the best food in the entire state?  You can literally eat as well here as you can in much larger towns like Portland and San Francisco.  We’re going to highlight a few of our favorite spots.  You’ll want to make sure to hit ALL of these on your next visit.

#1.  The Sparrow Bakery

The Sparrow has been a mainstay for locals in Bend since they opened their doors in 2006.  They are known throughout Bend and the world for their amazing pastries.  The Ocean Roll is probably their most famous and most popular seller.  It’s a mix of flakey, buttery croissant dough with cardamom, vanilla, and sugar sprinkled throughout.  It is absolutely divine and goes perfectly with a  cappuccino or latte.

Another one of their popular meals is the bacon breakfast sandwich.  This guy starts with a  made from scratch croissant and then they pile on smoked bacon, aioli, arugula, sliced avocado, and a perfectly poached egg.  It is quite literally the PERFECT breakfast, especially if you’re about to head up to the mountain.

The Sparrow has two locations.  One is in Northwest Crossing, and the other is on the east side of the railway tracks on Scott Street.  You can find them at http://www.thesparrowbakery.net.

#2.  Spork

While it’s name might not sound all that appetizing, Spork is our absolute favorite when it comes to delicious and original food.  One of our favorite meals is their tacos.  They offer three kinds, but the fried fish and carnitas are far and away the best.  The carnitas is piled with shredded radish, cheese, and a bit of lettuce.  The pork is perfectly caramelized with just a bit of spice.  I could literally eat 5 of these in one sitting.  They’re that good.

Our next favorite is the spicy fried chicken.  Not only is it absolutely amazing, it’s also gluten free.  It comes with kimchee and cucumber salad.  They also have a wide variety of specials that they run on a regular basis.  But for good food that is inexpensive and fast you CAN’T beat Spork.

You can find their website here.

#3.  Bontá Gelato

Looking for an amazing dessert experience?  Look no further than Bontá Gelato.  These guys don’t mess around when it comes to making what has quickly become the best ice cream (er gelato) in the state of Oregon. It’s creamy and packed with so much flavor you will be absolutely amazed.  Flavors like vanilla bourbon pecan, salted chocolate, dulce de leche are their best sellers.  And after one taste you’ll know why.

Almost all of their flavors are completely gluten free.  They also avoid using corn syrup in any of their gelatos.  And because so many people have dairy allergies they’ve come up with a whole host of dairy free flavors using organic coconut milk.  These include roasted strawberry, chocolate, and toasted coconut.  You’ll never miss dairy again.

You can find Bontá’s website here.  They are located downtown on Bond street near the Oxford Hotel.

#4.  Lone Pine Coffee

No list would be complete without mentioning a great coffee shop in Bend.  Lone Pine is exactly that. They source all of their beans directly from producers ensuring they receive a fair price for their crops.  The result is a brew that is absolutely perfect.  They are also masters at preparing any type of coffee you can possibly imagine.  Probably the best cappuccino I’ve ever had to date.  Perfect foam every time.

Lone Pine is located in Downtown Bend.

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Best Free Things to Do in Bend Oregon

Bend, Oregon is one of the most beautiful towns in Central Oregon.  It's surrounded by high desert, mountains, lakes, and more.  While there are plenty of great restaurants, museums, and bars, there are also lot's of things you can do that will cost you absolutely nothing.

farewell park in Bend Oregon

​Hang Out In Drake Park

Located along the banks of the Deschutes river, Drake park is a great place to hang out anytime during the summer.  There are plenty of spots for just relaxing in the sun (or shade if that's your preference), trees for tying up a slack line, and picnic tables for having a relaxing meal with family or friends.

If the weather is really hot, you can wade out in the river to cool off.  Or if that's not your scene you can just stroll along the path that follows the river through the park.  You can even cross the river on a wooden bridge that is great for staring down at the cool clear water as it slowly passes below.

Spring Fest, Summer Fest, & Bite of Bend

Central Oregon winters can be pretty intense.  The sun rises late and sets early.  And it's not uncommon for the temperature to drop WELL below freezing.  So when the warmer weather comes around EVERYONE in Bend wants to be outside enjoying it.

For this reason there is something going on outside almost every weekend.  While some events do require purchasing a ticket, many of them are free.  Spring Fest, held in April, Bite of Bend held in late June, and Summer fest held in July are totally free.  

There are live bands, entertainment and more.  Of course you'll have to pay for any food or drinks, but admission costs nothing and you can spend all day roaming around if you like.  It's a great way to spend a summer day.

Farmer's Markets​

Oregonians love their farmer's markets and Bend is certainly no exception.  Starting in late May the downtown farmer's market gets started.  Many times there will be free bands playing in front of Crow's Feet Commons right next to Drake Park.

You can sample lots of different foods for no charge.  Some of the vendors you'll find are Lone Pine Coffee, Bonta Gelato, Justy's Jellies, and Sparrow Bakery.  Not everyone offers free samples, but you can always buy something for a bargain at the market anyway.

​Hike Up Pilot Butte

Right smack dab in the middle of Bend is a big hill called Pilot Butte.  Every year it's where the annual 4th of July fireworks show takes place.  But it's also a great place to get some exercise.  It's a 1.8 mile round trip, but be prepared because it's pretty steep.  

You can walk, run, bike, or if you're feeling particularly lazy, drive your car to the top.  Once there you'll have a spectacular panoramic view of the entire area including the Three Sisters mountains and Broken top.  It's worth every drop of sweat!

If you're in the Bend area and are on a bit of a budget, any of these things are a great way to spend the day.

Click here to find out more about Bend, Oregon​

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Monday, June 5, 2017

Summer Cleaning Season is Upon Us

summers in central oregon

It’s summertime again here in Central Oregon and at Maid In Central Oregon we’re happy to offer a full range of cleaning services to help you prepare.

As the weather dries out the dust starts to pick up.  We can help you keep your house spotless.  If you missed our spring cleaning specials we’re now offering the same excellent service for summer.

Summer Cleaning Services

One of the biggest difficulties in keeping your home clean during the summer is the large amounts of dust that gets tracked in and blown in by the wind.  Our regularly scheduled cleaning services include making sure all the furniture and accessories in your home are clear of dust.

We also make sure that items like ceiling fans and other equipment are free of debris to ensure proper functioning throughout the year.

Window Cleaning Services

Our professional window cleaners help to ensure that you can enjoy the amazing views just outside your door.  Call us anytime to schedule a window cleaning.  We can handle any window in any location.  Our cleaners use only environmentally safe cleaning products that are highly effective and safe for our delicate Oregon ecosystem.

We handle both the inside and outside of all the windows of your home ensuring a beautiful view all summer long.

Gutter Cleaning

Now that things are starting to dry up there’s no better time to get your gutters cleaned.  All the debris from this past winter’s record snowfall can clog your gutters and cause all sorts of problems with your home’s drainage.  Give us a call to schedule a thorough cleaning to ensure your home is ready for any thunderstorms that roll through this summer.

We are happy to haul away all of the debris or leave it in your compost pile to use in your flower beds or gardens.

Maid in Central Oregon offers the highest level of quality and service in the Bend area.  Give us a call today to schedule a FREE estimate for any of the services we offer.  We look forward to serving you!


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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Window Cleaning Service Bend OR

we offer window washing in Bend OR

Tired of looking through hazy windows?  Get your view back!  Our professional window cleaners can make your windows invisible again.

Professional Window Washing

No one enjoys climbing ladders to clean all those tough to reach windows.  Let our professionals handle it for you.  At Maid In Central Oregon we have experienced cleaners that will get your windows absolutely spotless.

We work efficiently and quietly.  You’ll barely even know we’re there.

As with any home service we want to make sure you are completely comfortable with our team.  We hire only courteous, considerate and motivated employees that want to give you the best possible experience.

We use non-toxic cleaning materials that are safe both indoors and outdoors.  No obnoxious smell and no streaky residue.

Are your gutters clogged?  We can handle that too.

Cleaning Skylights

Skylights are tough to reach and even harder to clean.  Let our professionals handle it for you.  We take care of both the inside and the outside.  No streaks, no fog, and no water marks.

Skylights are typically made from glass, plastic, or polycarbonate.  Each requires a slightly different technique.  Regardless of what type you have we can get them clean and brighten the look of your room again.

Hard Water Stains

Our water here in Central Oregon can be tough on shower doors and other glass fixtures.  We can get in and make you shower look as good as the day you moved in.  We use only natural cleaners and no harsh chemicals.  This makes us feel better, and our clients too.

Maid In Central Oregon
1124 NW Portland Ave #1
Bend, OR 97701
(458) 202-2462

97701 | 97702 | 97703 | 97707 | 97708 | 97709

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Gutter Cleaning Service in Bend OR

Our gutter cleaning service includes a full flush

Having your gutters cleaned is a crucial component of the annual maintenance of your home.  Between snow in the winter and rain in the shoulder seasons, gutters in Bend can get pretty clogged.  Clogs lead to backups, and backups lead to expensive repairs.

At Maid In Central Oregon we are proud to offer thorough and professional gutter system flushing.

Get Your Gutters Cleaned Annually

Your gutters are an important part of keeping moisture from rain and snowfall from entering your home.  They collect water and funnel it to the downspouts which direct it away from the foundation of your home.

Clogs from leaves, pine cones, pine straw or other debris regularly gets stuck in the gutters and needs to be removed.  If not, the water will eventually find it’s way into your home.  And THAT means expensive repairs.

The beautiful outdoors and trees that are the reason that so many people move to Bend are the biggest culprits in clogging your gutters.  We carefully remove all limbs, straw, leaves, and whatever else we find to ensure that your houses gutter system performs the way it was designed.

Our services include scooping out all of the debris from all the gutters and hauling it away.  Then we test all the gutters by running water through them to ensure there are no additional clogs in the downspouts.

We also offer exterior window washing.

Maid In Central Oregon
1124 NW Portland Ave #1
Bend, OR 97701
(458) 202-2462

97701 | 97702 | 97703 | 97707 | 97708 | 97709

Local Bend Resources

Our Yelp Listing
Our Houzz Listing
Bend Chamber of Commerce
Newport Avenue Market
The Barber House

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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Is Your Home in Need of Spring Cleaning?

This winter has been especially tough on Central Oregon.  With record snowfalls you’re bound to have lots of dirt tracked through the house.  At Maid In Central Oregon we’re gearing up for our spring cleanings.  This is what it entails.

Starting in the Kitchen

You’ve been using your kitchen all winter.  Now it’s time to give it a deep clean to get all the grease, dirt, and debris out of all the nooks and crannies.  We spend all the time necessary to get this important room as clean as possible.  Scrubbing the counters, cleaning out the microwave, cleaning the oven, wiping down the sink, and sweeping and mopping the floors.  By the time our maids are done you won’t recognize your kitchen anymore.

Moving to the Bathrooms

Bathrooms can get pretty icky, even if you’re good about tidying up on occasion.  We get into all the places where germs like to hang out to get this room absolutely spotless.  We disinfect with all natural cleaning supplies to that your bathroom is safe for you and your little ones.

The sinks, the mirrors, the toilet, the tub, and the shower will be spic and span.  Your bathroom will feel so clean you won’t want to leave.

Hit the Floors

The floors take the worst of it during the winter.  All the snow that gets tracked in brings dirt and other goodies too.  First we vacuum the entire floor, then we sweep up anything that might’ve gotten missed.  Then we bring in the mop to clean and disinfect to make sure your floors are clean enough to eat off of.  Not that you should of course.  🙂

Cleaning the Windows

With all the rain and snow we’ve had this year the windows take a beating.  We clean the blinds and then we go to work on the windows themselves.  We get rid of all the cobwebs, bugs, and dust bunnies so you’re house is clean and the air is fresh.

Residential Cleaning Services

We’re happy to offer one-time spring cleanings, but we also love building lasting relationships with our clients.  If you need your home cleaned on a regular schedule give us a call and we will get you taken care of.  Our clients are the happiest in Bend.

Feel free to call us Monday through Friday 8:00AM to 6:00PM.

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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Check out our latest post to Google+.  If you're looking for a reliable house cleaning service here in Bend, Maid In Central Oregon is where it's at.